On this page, you will find information about the first name Klaus elaborated in the course of this project. The first name Klaus is a spelling variant normalized according to contemporary language norms (main form).

Distribution over time

The temporal distribution of the first name usage is based on the dates of life and on the periods when the name was mentioned, as documented in the sources or in the texts. The diagram below shows, by periods of 50 years, how many people had this first name.

Spelling variants

Spelling variants are alternative forms of the first name, characterised by dialectal or original spelling. For Klaus the following spelling variants are known:

Claͤs Clás Cläs Claͧs Clausli Clauß Claͧus Cläuwy Claͮs Cllauß Klauß Klaͮs Niclaus

71 persons with the first name Klaus

71 persons with the

first name Klaus

Klaus Aerni
Klaus am Herwege
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Klaus Amstalden
Klaus auf dem Wellenberg
Klaus auf Gummen
Klaus Berlinger
Klaus Bloch
Klaus Blum
Klaus Bock
Klaus Bucher
Klaus Bürgi
Klaus Butzer
Klaus Castler
Klaus Clusius
Klaus Dörfler
Klaus Ebiner
Klaus Felder
Klaus Flip
Klaus Frei
Klaus Furrer
Klaus Gebert
Klaus Heer
Klaus Heffenli
Klaus Heid
Klaus Henzmann
Klaus Hew
Klaus Hofstetter
Klaus Hottinger
Klaus Huber
Klaus Huber
Klaus Hug
Klaus im Moos
Klaus Jacobi
Klaus Jenni
Klaus Kardell
Klaus Keller
Klaus Konrad
Klaus Korner
Klaus Kräulinger
Klaus Küng
Klaus Lifer
Klaus Linder
Klaus Megger
Klaus Meli
Klaus Mininsch Pieth
Klaus Murger
Klaus Roos
Klaus Saxer
Klaus Schädelin
Klaus Scheffer
Klaus Schmid
Klaus Schulthess
Klaus Stadelmann
Klaus Süess
Klaus Süess
Klaus Tischhauser
Klaus Töni
Klaus Vils
Klaus Vittler
Klaus Vogel
Klaus Vogel
Klaus von Grünenfeld
Klaus von Rüdli
Klaus von Rüdli
Klaus von St. Martin
Klaus von Wisserlen
Klaus Wüsti
Klaus Zemp
Klaus Zogg
Klaus Zscholi
Klaus zu Marbach
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First names related to Klaus

First names related

to Klaus

This list contains first names related to Klaus: these are the main forms of the first names having the same first name as a concept.


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